21m 350W In Screed Heating Cable, For Areas 1.4-2.3m²

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Product Overview

>> For in-screed heating under most floor finishes

FHK In Screed Cable 17 heating cables are used in a wide variety of applications which include direct acting, storage and background floor heating systems. Other uses include agricultural and industrial applications. They can be suitable for use in thin concrete topping slab, sand/cement screeds, mortar beds and leveling beds. Floors can now be designed to be warm and functional as suitable floor finishes heated with In Screed Cable 17 include carpet, tiles, vinyl and timber.

SC350-17 Product Information
>> Application:  For in-screed floor heating under most floor finishes
>> Construction:  Twin conductor heating cable with primary fluoropolymer insulation, earth screed and final outer insulation sheath of Polyolefin
>> Output:  17W/m
>> IP Class:  IPX7
>> Cable Standard:  IEC60800
>> Product Warranty:  20 years

SC350-17 Dimensions
>> Heating Element Thickness:  6mm
>> Heating Cable Length:  21m
>> Cold Tail Length:  2.5m

SC350-17 Cable Spacing Guide
>> Design Watt @ 150W/m²:  113mm Cable spacing, for heating a 2.3m² floor area
>> Design Watt @ 170W/m²:
  100mm Cable spacing, for heating a 2.1m² floor area
>> Design Watt @ 200W/m²:
  85mm Cable spacing, for heating a 1.8m² floor area
>> Design Watt @ 250W/m²:  68mm Cable spacing, for heating a 1.4m² floor area

SC350-17 Electrical
>> Watt:  350W
>> Amp:  1.5A
>> Ohms:  164.6Ω
>> Voltage:  240V


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