6m² In Screed Mat 200

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Product Overview

>> For installation in-screed above concrete, F/C or insulated floors
>> Best choice for heating bathroom floors

The In Screed Mat's unique mat design features a traditional style twin in-screed floor heating cable pre-attached to a nylon mat with tape strips for fixing to a clean substrate. The fabricated mat heater offers a reduced installation time. And removes the need for steel mesh, cable &/or floor fixings and the risk of hot and cold spots across floor as a result of inconsistent spacing's of loose heating cables.

The 200W/m² mat heaters offer a faster warm up time when compared to standard 150W/m² mat heaters (as well as most in-screed & in-slab systems) due to it’s high performing output to warm floors faster and reach standby heat cycles in a more timely manner. Under performing floor heating systems of lower wattage rarely reach set points within programmed time schedules, often requiring earlier start times to reach temperatures close to comfort levels resulting in overall higher running costs.

* For improved performance and reduced running costs, we recommend the use of insulation below the mat heater.

FHMT200-1200W Product Information
>> Application:  Heating directly under tile, in tile glue or within thin leveling screeds ≤ 40mm at 200W/m²
>> Construction:  Twin conductor heating cable with primary fluoropolymer insulation, 100% metal shielding drain wire and final outer insulation sheath of PVC uniformly fixed to a nylon mat with adhesive tape strips for fixing to clean substrates
>> Output:  200W/m²
>> IP Class:  IPX7
>> Cable Standard:  IEC 60335
>> Product Warranty:  20 years

FHMT200-1200W Dimensions
>> Heating Element Thickness:  2.2mm
>> Mat Size (Length x Width):  11m x 0.5m
>> Cold Tail Length:  3m
>> Coverage:  6

FHMT200-1200W Electrical
>> Watt:  1200W
>> Amp:  5.2A
>> Ohms:  44.2Ω
>> Voltage:  230V


(No reviews yet) Write a Review