In Screed Heating

In Screed Heating

Across most parts of Australia, floor surfaces in homes and offices are generally cooler any time of the year, and much colder during even the milder winter period. Most Australians will agree underfloor heating is the most comfortable heating solution for heating rooms with cold floors.

FHK In Screed Heating installs above the structural floor before being embedded in a 25-30mm sand cement mixture. Suitable flooring installed above heated sand cement screeds include ceramic tile, stone, engineered timber flooring, vinyl, carpet and other compatible floor finishes. And FHK In Screed Heaters is available in several formats:

Mat Heaters > Mat heaters are available in two heat outputs, 150W/m² which is commonly used in living rooms and 200W/m² which is most popular for bathroom floor heating installations. The mat heater consists of a yellow heating cable secured onto an orange mesh fabric, with the heating cable evenly spaced in serpentine loops to ensure heat is evenly delivered through the floor with no hot or cold spots. Mat heaters are a popular choice as they are easy to install, offer reduced installation times and being pre-fabricated removes the risk of installing the underfloor heating system incorrectly.

Loose Heating Cable > The loose underfloor heating cable is supplied in fixed lengths in roll. Their heat output is 17W/lm, and installed at a fixed spacing of 100mm across the whole floor will provide a heat output of 170W/m². Installations requiring a customised heat output can be achieved by varying the cable spacing at the time of installing. Loose heating cable systems are mostly selected by specialist heating trades installing underfloor heating where a customised heat output is required ie. freezer floor, pens, plant propagation, etc.


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