Under Tile Heating

Hard floor surfaces are generally cooler in Australia any time of the year, but are much colder during our winter months. And today, most Australians would agree underfloor heating is the best solution for heating rooms with cold floors.

The FHK Under Tile Mat heater installs directly beneath ceramic tile, stone and other compatible hard floor finishes, giving homeowners the luxury comfort radiant warmth through warming the floors. FHK Heating's Under Tile Mats are available in two heat outputs (150W/m² commonly used in living rooms and 200W/m² which is most popular for bathroom floor heating installations), and consist of a yellow heating cable secured onto an orange mesh fabric. The heating cable is evenly spaced in serpentine loops, and connected to a FHK smart controller works to deliver heat evenly through the floor with no hot or cold spots.

The mat heater is easy to install. And embedded in the tile adhesive, offers the fastest warm up time compared to underfloor heating systems installed in-screed or in-slab.


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