57m 1700W In Slab Heating Cable, For Areas Up To 11.4m²

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Product Overview

>> For in-slab heating in concrete floors

With FHK In Slab Cable 30 you can design your concrete floors to be as warm and functional as they are attractive. In Slab Heating Cable 30 offers total flexibility for installation, and where connected to an off-peak electrical supply, heat can be stored in the slab for later release at a greatly reduced running cost. Other heating applications include include ice & snow melting on patios, pavements and driveways.

* For improved heating performance and reduced running costs, insulating the perimeter and underside of the slab is recommended.

SHC1700-15 Product Information
>> Application:  In slab storage heating in concrete floors
>> Construction:  Twin conductor heating cable with primary fluoropolymer insulation, aluminum foil with 100% metal shielding drain wire and final outer insulation sheath of Polyolefin
>> Output:  30W/m
>> IP Class:  IPX7
>> Cable Standard:  IEC 60800
>> Product Warranty:  20 years

SHC1700-15 Dimensions
>> Heating Element Thickness:  6mm
>> Heating Cable Length:  57m
>> Cold Tail Length:  3m

SHC1700-15 Cable Spacing Guide
>> Design Watt @ 150W/m²:  200mm Cable spacing, for heating a 11.4m² floor area
>> Design Watt @ 200W/m²:  150mm Cable spacing, for heating a 8.5m² floor area

SHC1700-15 Electrical
>> Watt:  1700W
>> Amp:  7.4A
>> Ohms:  31.1Ω
>> Voltage:  230V


(No reviews yet) Write a Review