1.5m² 300W Under Tile Mat 200

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Product Overview

>> For installation directly under tiles or in floors with thin leveling screeds
>> Best choice for heating bathroom floors

Owing to the thin system construction design, FHK Under Tile Mat adds no significant height to floor levels, making it the ideal choice for flooring installations where no screed topping is required. The FHK mat design also offers a reduced installation time and does not require special tools or skills to plan their layouts.

Installed into the tile adhesive, the high efficient 200W/m² mat heaters offer a faster warm up time when compared to standard 150W/m² mat heaters, as well as in-screed & in-slab systems due to it’s high performing output and close proximity to the tile or stone floor surface.

FHMS200-300W Product Information
>> Application:  Heating directly under tile, in tile glue or within thin leveling screeds ≤ 20mm at 200W/m²
>> Mat Heater Construction:  Single conductor heating cable with primary fluoropolymer insulation, 100% metal shielding drain wire and final outer insulation sheath of PVC uniformly fixed to a nylon mat with adhesive tape strips for fixing to clean substrates
>> Output:  200W/m²
>> IP Class:  IPX7
>> Cable Standard:  IEC60335
>> Product Warranty:  20 years

FHMS200-300W Dimensions
>> Heating Element Thickness:  2.2mm
>> Mat Size (Length x Width):  3m x 0.5m
>> Cold Tail Length:  2 (Twin) x 3m
>> Coverage:  1.5m²

FHMS200-300W Electrical
>> Watt:  300W
>> Amp:  1.3A
>> Ohms:  176.9Ω
>> Voltage:  230V


(No reviews yet) Write a Review